Pork Chop Sandwich Halsey Street Grill

Do you want to have an easy, fast and great lunch or dinner in just 15 minutes? Why not head over to Halsey Street Grill and grab a meal  to satisfy your craving with their Pork Chop Sandwich. The mouth-watering sandwich is filled with down home ingredients that will surely take you back for a second trip to the grill. If you like the great taste of eating  pork  chops  Halsey Street Grill is the perfect place where your next pork chop sandwich should be eaten.
Just a quick stop from just about anywhere in Bed Stuy  Brooklyn, NY, the enthusiastic cooking crew will welcome you to a haven of food cooked to perfection together just for your family or friends. If you don't feel like going out, Halsey Street Grill will deliver  your desired order through their online delivery system. Call Now!
260 Halsey St
Brooklyn, NY 11216

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