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Well let Halsey Street Grill deliver to YOU, call in YOUR order at 347-365-5075.

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"Craving Soul Food Desserts?"

"Craving Soul Food Desserts?"

Have YOU ever been out and about, when suddenly YOU'RE overwhelmed
with a craving for Shakoor's famous sweet potatoe cheese cake?

Us too!

As for all of YOU who know me well by now, YOU would know that I have
a weak spot for sweets and good old fashioned homemade desserts.

The BEST Soul Food Desserts Are Right Here In Bed-Stuy!

Shakoor's Signature Pastries are available at 378 Marcus Garvey Blvd.
(between Jefferson Ave. and Hancock St.).

We are very selective when it comes to choosing who we recommend for desserts.

Looking For Fresh Vegan Baked Goods?

For our vegan friends and customers who are following low fat diets, dairy free diets or have sworn off refined sugar we recommend


CALL 347-543-5791

"Craving Soul Food Desserts?" 

Brought To YOU By Halsey Street Grill


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